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2019 – Treasure House

Our 2019 Annual Partners Conference was kicked off by an amazing Keynote Speaker, Kurt Warner. Kurt and his wife Brenda founded a community called Treasure House in Glendale, Arizona for their son Zachary, who suffered a brain injury and left him with intellectual and developmental disabilities at an early age. The Warners believe that all people, regardless of ability, have a purpose and call for their life, and are able to participate in meaningful and challenging activities, establish personal relationships, and contribute to society when provided with appropriate supports and opportunities.

As Kurt Warner, Hall of Fame Professional Football Player, said during his opening keynote presentation, “Be comfortable with the uncomfortable” or “Never let someone else define your fate.” Kurt’s amazing “rags to riches story” and presence at our conference, inspired us to integrate a charity fundraiser for Treasure House. Treasure House is a supportive living community for young adults with intellectual & developmental disabilities providing them a place to live, work and enjoy recreational activities while being part of a larger family.

Given this was our first time ever doing something like this, we embraced Kurt’s outlook on life because at times, it was uncomfortable, and we did not let the others get in our way. We raised over $30,000 by the closing day of our conference. 100% of the proceeds we raised via the Autographed Footballs, VIP HuddleUP Experience, Silent Auction, and Casino Night went to Treasure House.