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2020 – Reigning Grace Ranch

In 2020 we chose Reigning Grace Ranch (RGR) as our charity of choice for the year. Reigning Grace Ranch is a unique nonprofit desert sanctuary that offers tranquility and refuge to Arizona youth and families in need. Set on 15 acres in the beautiful Sonoran desert, the Ranch is home to a large herd of rehabilitated and rescued horses, goats, chickens, donkeys and pigs. Their program is set to change one child, one person, one family, and one horse at a time. Working together, we provide the foundation that empowers our participants to heal, to build, to hope, and to live.

RGR is very close to our hearts at United Planners, as our late CEO Dave Shindel was an unwavering supporter of the Ranch and their mission, leading and living his life by the Cowboy Ethics way. At our Virtual Annual Partners Conference we were able to raise close to $15,000, while throughout the year we sent (and continue to send) volunteers to help with any projects or tasks they need help with.