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United Planners is structured as a Limited Partnership.  This means qualifying advisors share in the profits of the firm annually.  The Limited Partners own 55%, the majority stake in United Planners.  This ownership provides a voting right and a share in the annual profits.  Each share of the firm is gifted to the qualifying recipient, as no upfront capital investment is currently required.  Executive Management of United Planners has the authority to grant Limited Partnership Units to those who meet the qualification criteria. 
Currently, up to 200* Limited Partnership interests may be granted. Limited Partners may
include qualified individual practitioners and/or qualified practices organized as partnerships or corporations. A Limited Partnership Unit may be gifted at the time of affiliation, or earned during one’s affiliation.

United Planners is looking for investment professionals who:

  • Have an excellent professional reputation
  • Have achieved appropriate professional designations or comparable experience
  • Have a clean regulatory history
  • Have a record of consistent production at a level of $250,000* GDC or above

The individual practitioner or, in larger practices a primary individual or approved entity, may hold one Limited Partnership Unit after meeting all criteria for consideration. All applicants for Limited Partnership interests must meet the ethical and professional standards adopted by the firm.

As a Limited Partner, YOU share in the profits. There is currently no buy in to become a Limited Partner or an Associate of United Planners Financial Services.

Applicants may be chosen as Limited Partners upon affiliation, or after demonstrating their qualifications be invited by Management to join the Partnership based on their experience as an Associate of the firm.

Rewards and Benefits

Each Limited Partner shares in the profits of United Planners annually. The firm has produced profits consistently since 1996. A “Preferred Return on Capital” at the Partnership’s declared rate, will be paid to the General Partner and to all Limited Partners with established equity (Capital) accounts.

Any profits remaining will be deemed “Allocable Profits.” 100% will be allocated as follows:

  • 55% to the Limited Partners
  • 45% to the General Partner

The General Partner currently pays half of the “Allocable Profit” to Limited Partners in cash. The remaining half will be added to each of the Limited Partners’ individual retained capital accounts and is then credited with a “Preferred Return on Capital” in subsequent years.

Partners also enjoy having access to Senior Management and the Partners Advisory Team (P.A.T.). The P.A.T. is made up of six rotating Partners who provide input to management on issues important to our industry and firm. They also serve as a sounding board for new policies and procedures; making United Planners a very representative friendly firm.


We believe our Limited Partnership structure is among the most flexible form of business organization in existence and makes possible this sound and fair profit-sharing arrangement. Our structure allows for:

  • Elimination of Double Taxation
  • Participation in Firm Profits
  • Partner Input
  • Destiny Control – meaning the firm as a whole could not be sold without majority vote by the Limited Partners and General Partners

The United Planners structure has withstood the tests of time. United Planners is celebrating more than structure.

The Partnership structure, in addition, eliminates double taxation. There is no corporate tax to pay! Profits are passed directly through to the individual Partners who pay only one tax at their personal rates.

Finally, income reported by UPFSA’s Partners is likely to qualify as “passive” income, available to offset otherwise nondeductible losses from tax shelters and other passive investments.

As a Limited Partner, YOU share the profits. You make NO investment to become either a Limited Partner or an Associate of United Planners Financial Services.