Taylour Miller


Taylour is a passionate enthusiast for events! Earning her BA from NAU in the Hospitality and Restaurant Industry, she spent over a decade climbing the ranks from being the kid’s birthday party planner (no she was not the clown!), to managing 3-day music festivals. True to her curiosity to learn, she came to UP and the financial realm in February of 2017 and has not looked back. She currently holds the position of AVP, Corporate Events and Communications. Taylour is a daughter, sister, and a mother to her dog Cash. Her little sister, Alexis, has Apraxia, which has led Taylour to being actively involved in the AZ Special Needs Community, and currently is the Vice President of the Young Professional Board at Treasure House, a Kurt & Brenda Warner charity. This AZ native finds joy and creativity through experiences, traveling, and exploration. When she is not at work, volunteering, or playing Wonder Woman, you can find her back in her roots and in a corner booth of her local restaurant fav.