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United Planners philosophy on technology is to harness the advanced technology to develop business solutions that not only streamline operations but consistently exceed our clients’ expectations for efficiency. Empowering best in class vendors to work seamlessly within our tools and systems is one way we work to create efficiency for our affiliated advisors. We understand that when we make being compliant efficient, that we can breed a better culture of compliance, which is best for everyone. Cyber Security is at the forefront of every discussion concerning technology, and must remain a top priority for every firm that safeguards client information. United Planners has created Defend UP, and Defend UP Plus platforms in order to allow advisors to rest easy knowing their client information is protected and off of the open internet. Further, financial professionals are offered a dedicated Cyber Security Resource Center with turnkey solutions to fulfill their needs and strengthen their knowledge on the vulnerabilities that exist. Vendor due diligence is centralized and accessible for advisors to remain well informed on which vendors are complying with the latest Cyber Security best practices.


Advisors are busy caring for their client’s estate planning and continuity needs, and sometimes, the advisor needs a little help planning for their own needs. This is why United Planners formed the LEAPS program. LEAPS stands for Legacy, Exit & Acquisition Planning Strategies. United Planners has worked with a top firm in the industry and our own legal and compliance teams to design a turnkey continuity plan that serves advisors and clients in the event of death or disability. We work to pair advisors to serve as continuity partners, and this document tells United Planners how to handle the clients in the event of death or disability. Further, the buyer knows exactly who to pay as the document names the beneficiary or contingent beneficiary, and the seller can rest assured that if something happens to him or her, their clients and loved ones will be taken care of.


Your experience with your Partner Development Consultant all the way through to your Transition and Integration teams will be seamless with appropriate handoffs, internal information flow, guidance, confidentiality and support you can rely on. Your dedicated transition team will guide you through the steps of affiliation, teach you tricks and tips for migrating your book of business following industry standard with a focus on maintaining your client’s privacy until such time as they have positively released their information to your new firm. One Client Agreement per human (not per account or registration type) makes the interaction with your client more logical and significantly reduces paperwork and number of signatures needed for transition. Technology helps you autofill forms, and United Planners acts as your back office admin processing the paperwork for the first 90 days of your affiliation. Each advisors transition experience may differ a little, so your transition team will customize your transition roadmap based on your needs.


Our home office staff is dedicated to providing exceptional support and guidance to our valued financial advisors and their clients. Our team consists of experienced professionals who possess a deep understanding of the financial industry and are committed to delivering personalized service. With a passion for excellence, our home office staff strives to ensure smooth operations, streamline processes, and maintain the highest standards of integrity. Whether it’s assisting with uploading client documents, managing compliance matters, or offering technical expertise, our dedicated team is here to support our advisors every step of the way. Our home office staff is the backbone of our organization, working tirelessly to help advisors and clients achieve their financial goals.


Our Advisors utilize a dedicated toll free number to reach a live person in the Home Office from 4AM – 5PM PT M-F. Email support is available 24 hrs.
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