At United Planners, our unwavering passion for innovation fuels our pursuit of transformative business solutions. By harnessing advanced technology, we not only streamline operations but exceed the loftiest expectations of our cherished clients. Embracing the limitless potential of technology, we embolden a paradigm shift and inspire awe as we elevate efficiency to new heights.


United Planners has developed a highly effective Cyber Due Diligence program designed to optimize efficiencies for both vendors and financial professionals, ensuring a strong cyber posture across the Broker Dealer, Financial Professional, and Third-Party Vendor ecosystem. Our streamlined data collection approach enables United Planners to promptly assess and educate vendors and financial professionals on any shortcomings in meeting the minimum cybersecurity standards in the financial industry.

We actively collaborate with vendors who exhibit deficiencies, working closely with them to mitigate risks and enhance their cyber posture. By doing so, we empower our financial professionals to maintain their partnerships with their preferred vendors, knowing that the vendors have successfully achieved the minimum cybersecurity standards. Our goal is to foster a secure environment for all of the Financial Professionals while promoting ongoing growth and collaboration in the financial industry.


DefendUP is the United Planners Cybersecurity program that ensures regulatory cyber requirements are met utilizing sophisticated technologies providing reporting and monitoring of endpoints. DefendUP also launched United Planners into the Zero-trust realm of Cybersecurity utilizing a military grade technology to encrypt and increase the speed of sensitive data we send within the cloud. Additional features include; Annual Cyber training, Cyber Insurance, 3rd party Cyber risk assessments, and more.


DefendUP+ offers our Financial Professionals cyber security products by world-renowned companies we have partnered with and technologies created in-house for added cyber posture around your business. Some of these offerings include; Anti-virus packages, 24/7 human monitoring of cyber attacks on endpoints, Monitored threat response tech, DNS security, Secure Browsing, Email Protection and Spam resolutions, and more.